For Tampa City Council, District 1

“I will be a part of the solution!”




The Honorable Janet Cruz
Florida State Senator

The Honorable Julianne Holt
Hillsborough County Public Defender

The Honorable Bob Henriquez, CFA
Hillsborough County Property Appraiser

The Honorable Susan L. Valdes
Florida State Representative

Joseph Citro is an experienced leader who truly cares about all of Tampa. Joseph possesses the unique qualities that Tampa residents deserve in a City Council Member, he is capable; compassionate; dependable; and motivated.

Joseph has 16 years of hands-on experience with how Tampa’s government works as he has spent this time volunteering with various city branches and community groups. Joseph wants to use this experience to help guide Tampa’s future.

Citro’s CITY Plan to Put Tampa To Work includes: Careers, Infrastructure, Transportation & Youth Development:


Tampa has a significant role in the world’s economy. However, we are still lacking in well-paying careers that will allow people to buy homes and guarantee their children a college education.


Our city needs to identify with Smart Growth and plan ways to cope with expanding infrastructure needs. Tampa must ensure that the basics needs of our citizens are maintained.


With all that Tampa has achieved in our rich history, we are still lacking in one of the most important needs of any major metropolitan area: efficient transportation. A large number of people are moving to the Tampa Bay area every day and traffic has become a major challenge.

Youth Development

Tampa needs to help your youth succeed. I will initiate apprentice programs at schools, businesses and unions to help high school students with career options.