I believe that there are four core issues that the City of Tampa must address.

“C” for Careers
“I” for Infrastructure
“T” for Transportation
“Y” for Youth Development

In my long history of activity with various local organizations, I have watched these needs grow. During the last few years, I have analyzed them in detail and have developed solutions. Now is the time to begin implementing these solutions from within the City Council. Together with all of you, the citizens of Tampa, we can have more careers, improve the infrastructure, have efficient public transportation and help young people find a future here. We can build this city with controlled and responsible growth and make it work better.”Let’s put Tampa to work!”


With the second best-ranked airport in the nation and a deep-water port with total trade of 4.5 billion dollars, Tampa has a significant role in the world’s economy. However, we are still lacking in well-paying careers that will allow people to buy homes and guarantee their children a college education. Tampa provides employment to a number of people in service industry jobs, however, these companies individually employ relatively few people. Companies that involve manufacturing and assembly that need access to a large blue-collar workforce could offer better wages and benefits.

We also need to entice tech and Silicon Valley firms like Alphabet and Microsoft to establish branch headquarters here, and to attract professional and business service employment companies that recruit and retain top talent from the three universities in our area and our community college. This will initiate a cycle that encourages and sustains a healthy economic and employment environment.


Our city needs to identify with Smart Growth and plan ways to cope with expanding infrastructure needs. Tampa must ensure that the basics needs of our citizens are maintained. Can we guarantee that the growing population will have clean drinking water? Will solid waste and water removal needs keep up with the urbanization of our community? Will police and fire rescue services be maintained at the highest levels?

Furthermore, it is essential that Tampa integrate better environmental practices (such as reduced emissions of city vehicles) into the implementation of future infrastructure improvements. We also need to boost the percentage of roads that are in good or fair condition. (I will be your voice for roads that belong to the county or state.)


With all that Tampa has achieved in our rich history, we are still lacking in one of the most important needs of any major metropolitan area: efficient transportation.

A large number of people are moving to the Tampa Bay area every day and traffic has become a major challenge. Whether it is to move people efficiently to and from their place of employment, to ensure that citizens can walk/bike safely, or to facilitate travel to other cities in Florida, our city must take action now on future transportation needs: regionally, locally and within our neighborhoods.


This describes my plan to establish programs in which learning and environment are the linchpins. I will initiate apprentice programs at schools, businesses and unions to help high school students with career options.